Hardwood Floors

The natural beauty of real hardwood floors cannot be duplicated. The two main types of hardwood are divided into solid (one piece) and engineered (three-ply, etc.). Each has appropriate uses and offers a wide variety of looks and colors. From 2 1/4" strip to custom-patterned parquets to intricate borders, wood floors can enhance the value and look of your home.

With the variety of species from Oak to Mahogany, Bamboo to Walnut, and even Tiger wood, the options in wood floors can fit almost any decorating plan. Also, no other floor can offer the option of changing the color without changing the floor, which can be done by refinishing and staining.

Homeowners with existing wood floors can revitalize the shine by having them re-coated. In most cases, wood can be sanded and stained a diffrent color for a brand new look to match your decor.

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