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Mission Statement

We strive to provide the highest value coverings to our customers by purchasing quality materials, fabrication, and installation at the highest standards to meet the specifications and needs of our customers.



Company Values

Brazilian Floors will determine its success now and in the future by adhering to the values listed below. Our management and staff are committed to these values and we will strive every day to strengthen that commitment.



Brazilian Floors is committed to providing the highest quality products and installation services available in the marketplace.



Brazilian Floors is committed to maintaining the product knowledge necessary to keep our customers and ourselves aware of the best solution to their design needs.



Customer Satisfaction

Brazilian Floors is committed to satisfying each customer’s expectation of quality products properly installed.

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Keeping up with new trends and techniques

Since the year we opened our first store, we have given a lot of value to training. Periodically, our installers and office personnel go through trainings to make sure we keep up with new trends available in the market, as well as new methods and techniques for a dedicated installation without ignoring specifications and accommodating requests made by residential and commercial customers, as well as architects and designers. Below you can see some highlights of our in-house trainings by the leading names in the industry.

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