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Brazilian Floors is committed to providing the highest quality products and installation services available in the market.

The natural beauty of real hardwood floors cannot be duplicated. The two main types of hardwood are divided into solid (one piece) and engineered (three-ply, etc.). From 2 1/4″ strip to custom-patterned parquets to intricate borders, wood floors can enhance the value and look of your home.

Whether you’re a designer or contractor, choosing between luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or vinyl composite tile (VCT) in your next project requires a careful and thoughtful comparison. LVT in particular has many benefits, especially for projects where cost and durability are driving factors.

Homeowners with existing wood floors can revitalize the shine by having them re-coated. In most cases, wood can be sanded and stained a diffrent color for a brand new look to match your decor.

The increase in the installation of tile in areas other than kitchens and bathrooms continues. Whether one chooses natural stone or clay-fired man made products, the choices in tile are extensive and they could offer durability and low maintenance.

There are two primary types of carpet: Broadloom (roll) and carpet tiles. Deciding between these two types is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make.

There are benefits and drawbacks to each option — and the type you choose will depend on your budget and the demands of your application.

Redesigning a space? Let your flooring inspire the look, not the other way around! Think about introducing patterned flooring into your room design. Distinctive natural stone and wood characteristics, or creatively arranged tiles and planks could really make your room stand out

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